Car AccidentsWhat Are Some Examples of Distracted Driving?

As we have reported in previous blogs, distracted driving is a dangerous habit that is killing many people in Texas. Photo of car accident

Last year, according to the Texas Department of Transportation, distracted drivers caused about one in five traffic accidents in the Lone Star State, leading to hundreds of lives lost. In 2013, sadly, 459 people were killed in accidents involving distracted drivers in Texas.

Remember, examples of distracted driving can include:

  • Texting while driving
  • Adjusting the stereo
  • Passengers causing commotion
  • Viewing a GPS device
  • Eating or drinking
  • Lighting a cigarette

Keep in mind, distracted driving is a form of negligence. If you are guilty of participating in one of the habits listed above and you cause and accident leading to injuries or death, you can be held liable.

With this in mind, if a reckless driver has harmed you or your loved one in a distracted driving accident, it may be wise to speak to an attorney. A lawyer can help you uncover the facts of your case, including identifying and holding all parties responsible accountable.

Six People Injured in East Austin Accident

We bring up distracted driving accidents because recently six people were hospitalized in a crash in East Austin.

According to MyFoxAustin, the accident occurred on April 4, on FM 973 near State Highway 130. Reports indicate that a woman driving an Oldsmobile heading north on the roadway drifted across the center of the road and hit an oncoming Chevy SUV.

A passenger in the Oldsmobile told investigators that her mother was driving the vehicle when ash from a cigarette fell into her lap. As the woman attempted to remove the ash, she reportedly drifted across the roadway and hit the SUV head-on.

The Chevy caught fire following the crash. Six people were injured in the accident, including four children who were taken to Dell Children’s Medical Center for treatment. One of the children reportedly sustained critical injuries. The accident remains under investigation and charges are pending.

Contacting an Attorney Following a Distracted Driving Accident

As we stated above, if a distracted driver has harmed you, it may be wise to look into legal representation. You could potentially obtain money that can help cover medical bills and lost wages.

Keep in mind, if you have concerns about the costs of representation, you should be aware that we handle vehicle accident cases on a contingency basis, meaning we are not paid unless we secure damages on your behalf.

We handle vehicle accident cases with compassion, as we understand that the time following a crash can be one of the most challenging times of a victims’ life.

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