Workers CompensationWorkplace InjuryWays to Prevent Workplace Accidents in the New Year

Every year, millions of workers sustain injuries while on the job. A large portion of these workers cannot return to work for an extended period of time. Instead, these workers must jump through the necessary hoops to ensure that they can receive worker’s compensation benefits.

At the same time, an injured worker is also bad news for an employer. For example, hiring and training a replacement or temp can burden a business and create extra stress.

Fortunately, these consequences are preventable with the right preparation. Continue reading to find out what measures both employers and employees can take to prevent workplace accidents in the new year.

Maintain a Clean and Organized Workplace

Many serious injuries on the job are due to trivial causes. For example, a large amount of slip and fall accidents are easily avoidable if proper maintenance and identifying procedures are implemented. Therefore, it is important to keep the workplace organized and free of any obstacles or hazardous materials.

Administer Thorough Safety and Equipment Training

While this safety measure may seem obvious, many injuries occur when employees fail to follow standard procedures. To prevent this, employees should learn the proper techniques required for the job during training. This may include learning how to lift heavy objects, how to safely use a box-cutter or how to properly store items. Further, employees should be made aware of dangerous areas and equipment, like balers or forklifts. In short, thoroughly training employees will likely result in fewer workplace accidents.

Make Safety Procedures and Instructions Readily Available

Although safety and equipment training should be comprehensive, employees may need additional reminders. Thus, posting procedures and instructions around relevant work zones is an excellent idea.

Further, employers should provide safety equipment whenever necessary. This may include safety goggles, gloves, back and wrist braces and ramps, among other equipment.

Avoid Employee Burnout at All Costs

Another common cause of workplace injury stems from an unusually heavy workload. For example, this can happen when a business is short-staffed for the day or when an employee is facing a tight deadline. In both cases, it is common for employees to rush to compensate for the increased workload. As a result, injuries often occur.

The best way to combat employee burnout is by remaining aware of the burden that is often placed on lower-level employees. In particular, if an employee seems rushed or stressed, then assign other employees to help with that specific task. Further, keep sufficient levels of staff on hand so that no one is having to overcompensate.

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