Car AccidentsAfter Being Trapped in Burning Car, Couple Sues Repair Shop

A harrowing Texas car accident in 2013 led to a $42 million verdict for the victims and their suffering. News of the verdict was first reported in October 2017.

Marcia and Matthew Seebachan were driving in Dallas in 2013 when they were in an accident. The accident caused the car to catch fire and the roof to collapse, trapping the couple inside. This resulted in burns and crush injuries, but fortunately, the two made it out alive. The couple then filed a lawsuit against John Eagle Collision Center, alleging that faulty repair work led to their severe injuries. According to the lawsuit, the collision center used glue instead of welding to repair hail damage on the vehicle’s roof. This caused the roof to fail during the accident. The roof separated from the vehicle, bent one of the sides of the car outward and punctured the gas tank below the driver’s seat. This led to serious lower body burns for the driver.

After the verdict, John Eagle and the victims’ attorney released a joint statement stating their desire to work together to improve safety standards for auto repair businesses.

When Are Car Repair Shops Liable for Accidents?

If it can be proven in court that a faulty repair is the cause of a crash, the repair shop and the mechanic who handled the repair can be held liable for resulting damages, such as medical bills and lost wages. Mechanical failure in these cases tends to be easy to prove, but it can be harder to prove that it was a faulty repair that caused the accident.

In the above case, attorneys were able to show no repair manuals for Honda vehicles listed glue as a reasonable means of repairing damage to the car. If you have been injured and believe that a faulty repair might be the cause, discuss your case with a car accident attorney.

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