Personal InjuryWrongful DeathTexas man dies after allegedly being bitten by dogs

Many households have dogs as pets. In fact, many dogs are considered not as pets but as friends or in some cases members of the family. Other than pets, dogs also serve such roles as companions or house guards. However, because they are animals and have the instincts of an animal, dogs may turn aggressive and attack their owners or, in many cases, other people.

A Texas man recently died after his neighbor’s dogs allegedly attacked him. A relative found the 96-year-old man and his dog dead, both with numerous and severe dog bites. Reportedly, the neighbor’s dogs could have gotten through a fence hole and attacked the man. However, the weather was also extremely hot when the incident occurred. Although police are awaiting the results of an autopsy before confirming the exact cause of the man’s death, a relative stated that the man was healthy and stressed that the dogs have been able to cross the fence in the past. The fence had been patched to avoid the dogs from crossing over. Five dogs have been seized by deputies in connection to the attacks.

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