Car AccidentsSpeeding Driver Decapitated after Colliding with a Truck on Houston Toll Road

According to KXAN, a driver speeding past an accident on Houston’s Sam Houston Tollway was killed on November 17 after he was decapitated by a pickup truck parked on the shoulder of the road.

A black Nissan was involved in a rollover accident around 6 a.m. on the tollway. The driver of the Nissan sustained minor injuries, and stepped out of her car to inspect the damage. A pickup truck driver pulled over on the shoulder to assist the injured woman.

Police reported that a Toyota Corolla driving at a high speed was maneuvering around the accident and did not see the pickup truck. The driver of the Corolla struck a sharp part of the truck, and was immediately decapitated and killed.

I Was Injured in a Car Accident Due to a Negligent Driver. What Do I Do Now?

Thousands of car accidents happen daily in the United States, and these accidents have a variety of causes. Driver inattention is a main cause of car accidents. Drivers talking on cell phones, reading, texting, eating or drinking are focused on these tasks instead of their driving. Speeding is also a cause of car accidents and is hard to avoid for many drivers, but the higher your rate of speed, the more damage an accident will cause, both to vehicles and to passengers.

While you cannot control the weather or other drivers, you can take proactive steps to prevent car wrecks. Remaining alert while driving and approaching a car accident is key.

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