Car AccidentsPersonal InjuryShould cars be equipped with internet in Texas?

One of the most deadly weapons Austin residents can get their hands on is a car. Every year car accidents are responsible for injuring and killing countless Americans. With just one mistake, a 3,000-pound piece of steel can become a lethal weapon. Factors such as reckless, drunk and distracted driving have cost many Americans their lives. In 2010, over 3,000 Americans died from distracted driving alone. Some car manufacturers are now considering putting internet browsers in their vehicles.

Could this mean more car accidents in America? Austin car accident attorneys may think so. With the internet readily available in one’s car, a driver may be tempted to view videos, stream apps and navigate directions online while driving. General Motors has announced that several of its models will come equipped with 4G LTE mobile broadband which would turn the car into a mobile hotspot. With more distractions available via internet behind the wheel, would it stand to reason more people would be involved in accidents?

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