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As the population continues to grow and commerce remains high in Texas, truck accidents have seemingly increased. Last year, the Houston Chronicle reported that fatal commercial accidents in Texas increased by more than 51 percent over the previous four years, from 352 deaths in 2009 to 532 in 2013. Photo of truck accident

Sadly, during this period the Lone Star State had the highest amount of fatal commercial vehicle accidents in the country.

Keep in mind, many of these accidents involve large tractor-trailers. The crashes have occurred for a number of reasons, including distracted driving, driver fatigue, poor truck maintenance, poorly secured cargo or loads and defective auto parts.

Central Texas Truck Accident Kills One, Injures Three

Unfortunately, a fatal trucking accident that occurred recently in Central Texas has many people asking questions about the safety of tractor-trailers on state roadways.

On March 26, one man was killed and three people were injured when a tractor-trailer with an oversized load slammed into a bridge that was under construction on Interstate 35 in Salado. According to KXAN-TV, both directions of the interstate were blocked for more than 15 hours after the accident, as investigators tried to piece together why it occurred.

An initial investigation by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) showed that a piece of equipment on the tractor-trailer struck the bridge, causing two beams to fall on the interstate, trapping vehicles. The crash killed 32-year-old Clark Davis of Arlington, who was driving a pickup near the tractor-trailer. It injured three others.

Officials said that the bridge had a vertical clearance of 14 feet ½ inch and that there were signs warning drivers in advance of the clearance. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles said that the driver who struck a bridge did not have a permit for his oversized load. Because of this, the DMV said it is now investigating both the driver and the trucking company involved in the accident.

Working with an Attorney Following a Truck Accident

If you are ever involved in a truck accident, it may be in your best interest to speak to an attorney. This is because many transportation companies or insurers will attempt to reduce costs following an accident by quickly settling with injury victims or the loved one’s of those who die. By having an attorney representing you, you may be able to ensure that any settlement is fair, while he or she guides you and preserves evidence.

Through a lawsuit following a truck accident, you can obtain damages that can be used to pay for medical care. Additionally, if your loved one has died, while money will not bring him or her back, you could potentially obtain damages for the loss of income, as well as costs related to burial, and your own pain and suffering.

Make sure you receive expert guidance following a truck accident.

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