Workers CompensationOur Attorneys Discuss the Five Most Common Workers’ Compensation Mistakes

The Texas approach to workers’ compensation is unique and complex. While most states require employers to carry some kind of workers’ comp insurance, those programs are strictly optional. This can create both problems and opportunities for injured workers.

Here are five common mistakes that injured workers make:

1. Choosing to not hire a lawyer after sustaining a workplace injury

When workers are injured on the job and choose to not hire a workers’ compensation attorney, too often they fail to take proper action, missing a critical deadline or putting their job in jeopardy because they have irritated the employer or adjuster.

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2. Missing workers’ compensation deadlines

Texas workers’ compensation deadlines are difficult to keep track of and it is difficult to know what you must do to comply with the deadlines. For example, you have thirty days to report an injury to your employer, and you have one year to report an injury to the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

3. Not filling out workers comp forms properly

It is important to be specific and precise when filling out workers comp forms, and there is much room for error. Common mistakes in completing forms include being unsure of whether you are reporting an injury or occupational disease and giving the wrong medical information.

4. Speaking to or trusting claims adjusters

The most important thing to remember is that the claims adjuster is not working in your best interest. Insurance companies make higher profits when they pay out less on claims, and an adjuster’s job is to try to avoid paying anything to you at all.

5. Failing to recognize a third-party claim

A third-party claim is an additional claim that you may have against another person or company that is not your employer. Examples of third-party claims include being hit by a vehicle owned or operated by a person or company other than your employer and defective machines that are manufactured by a company other than your employer.

Injured Worker in Texas?

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