Bus AccidentsMore Collisions but Fewer Injuries on Austin’s Cap Metro Buses

In Austin, more Capital Metro buses are getting into collisions on its roads. However, fewer people are getting hurt on the buses. An analysis of Capital Metro crash and collision data from January to mid-May found that buses are getting in collisions more frequently in 2014 during the same time the previous year. There was an increase in the number of crashes from 166 in 2013 to 202 in 2014. However, collisions where Capital Metro determined the bus driver could not have prevented what happened have outpaced the rise in preventable collisions.

Injuries have decreased from 39 at the beginning of 2014 to 26 in the first half of 2015.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Capital Metro

A Travis County woman is suing Capital Metro, alleging a bus ran over her in October and caused her to have a miscarriage. The suit claims the driver was “careless” leading to a wrongful death. A Texas Department of Transportation crash report says the woman was trying to get the bus to stop and knocking on the side of the bus while it was moving. As the woman was chasing the bus, she fell and the right rear wheel struck her, the crash report said.

The lawsuit says the bus driving away caused the woman to fall to the ground. Capital Metro determined that there was no way the driver could have reasonably prevented what occurred.

In most cases where someone was injured on a bus, Capital Metro concluded that the driver would have been unable to reasonably prevent what happened. Of the 26 injuries this year, six of them were in cases Capital Metro believes its bus drivers could have prevented.

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