Personal InjuryWorkers CompensationInsufficient Lighting on Work Site Caused Worker’s Slip and Fall Accident

A Brazoria County worker is pursuing legal action after an accident on his work trailer left him seriously injured. The worker is suing his employers, Jones Motor Group Inc. and Hot Shot Express Inc., in Brazoria County District Court.

On June 7, 2012, the man’s employers ordered him to pick up a load. Just as the worker arrived at the pickup location, according to the lawsuit, he “realized that he did not have the proper trailer and equipment to effectively and safely load steel coils.” The worker decided to perform the work task the following morning because “it was too dark.” As he realized this, he went to step on the trailer and slipped. The worker “broke his leg and ankle in 16 places and was left dangling from the trailer for approximately 45 minutes before someone heard his anguishing cries for help and was rescued,” according to the lawsuit.

The worker stated in the lawsuit that the “inadequate” lighting is what caused his serious injuries. The injured worker seeks unspecified monetary damages.

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