Car AccidentsAre Icy Road Fatalities Common in Texas?

According to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Texas is one of the leading states for icy road fatalities, despite being a Southern state associated with warm weather. In fact, Texas is one of only 13 of the 50 states that had over 15 fatalities on icy roads in the course of the study. It is the only Southern representative of these 13 states.

Overall, Texas came in fifth for these wintry accidents, falling only behind Pennsylvania, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa. Curiously, cold-weather New England region did not have a single state with over 15 ice-related car accident fatalities.

While large parts of Texas may not see snow, icy conditions may exist in shadowy areas like under a bridge or on an overpass.

Is There a Recent Example of an Icy Road Fatality?

A Texas prison bus in Odessa, Texas slid off a frozen highway overpass and then hit a Union Pacific freight train. Two officers on the bus and eight inmates suffered fatal injuries. Four more victims are in critical condition and another is in serious condition. No one was unscathed in this bus accident.

The National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating the accident. It appears to be weather-related.

Why Do I Need an Austin Auto Accident Attorney?

Car accident injuries can range from minor to catastrophic, sometimes even fatal. They can be both expensive and life altering to the victim and the victim’s family. Therefore, you want to ensure you have your fair shot at maximum compensation. Call an Austin car crash attorney today.

[Did You Know? Car accident data often shows only the minimum amount of accidents, because some accidents go unreported.]

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