Car AccidentsHow Does Poor Weather Affect Drivers?

If the weather outside is poor, and conditions like ice or heavy rain are present, it may be in your best interest to avoid driving. Remember, even if there is poor weather at the time of a vehicle accident, if you are responsible for an incident leading to injuries or deaths, you can be held liable. Photo of car accident

Keep in mind, nationally, about 25 percent of all vehicle accidents occur due to poor weather conditions and slick pavement. Poor weather can affect driver visibility and a vehicles’ overall performance.

While it is advisable to avoid the roadway during poor weather, if you do not have any other option than to drive in bad conditions, here are some safety tips:

  • Keep a safe speed to avoid hydroplaning
  • Avoid drunk or distracted driving
  • Use a seatbelt
  • Avoid tailgating (keep a safe distance between your vehicle and other cars on the roadway).
  • Purchase roadside assistance from your insurance provider or cellular carrier prior to leaving
  • Have cold or wet weather clothing on hand

Burnet Truck Accident Results in Fatality

We bring up poor weather driving because recently there was an ice incident in Burnet that led to a fatal crash. According to KEYE-TV, police responded to an accident on February 28, near the 2100 block of East Hwy 29.

The accident involved an 18-wheeler traveling east, in which, the driver lost control of the truck, causing the truck to slide sideways across Hwy 29. According to KEYE-TV, the driver of a Chevy Astro was also traveling on Hwy 29, and was unable to stop his vehicle and collided with the truck. The driver of the van, 37-year-old Manuel Galindo-Camacho from Fredericksburg, died at the scene of the accident.

An investigation into the accident is ongoing. Charges are pending.

Having an Attorney Investigate a Central Texas Auto Accident

As we stated above, even if the weather is poor, if you are responsible for a vehicle accident, you can be held liable via an injury lawsuit. This is why it is of the highest importance for you to drive with caution when conditions are poor. Other people should not have to suffer because you recklessly operated a vehicle in poor weather.

Speaking to an attorney following a vehicle accident that kills or injures your loved one may prove to be a wise decision, as you may be entitled to compensation. You may be able to obtain damages for medical bills, as well as potential future earnings from deceased loved ones.

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