Car AccidentsThe Hazards Above Our Heads: What Do You Do if a Fallen Cable Causes a Car Crash?

Photo of car accidentCar accidents have dozens of preventable causes, from drunk driving to distracted driving to defective auto parts and more. But sometimes, the completely unthinkable, unpredictable happens and you suffer injuries in an accident you never could have seen coming. Perhaps a deer runs into the road and totals your car. Maybe the fog or rain is so thick that you can’t see your hand in front of your face. Or maybe the danger is not in front of you, or to the side, but above.

Two years ago, an Austin man driving near Yarrington Road in San Marcos flipped his Jeep. He suffered serious lower spine injuries that will soon require surgical treatment. Spine injuries can make working difficult or even impossible. In this case, the man was a full-time helicopter pilot. His injuries have now made it hard for him to pursue his career. The man recently filed a lawsuit blaming the company he believes is at fault – OHL Texas – and seeking $1 million in damages for his injuries and lost wages.

The Dangers of Downed Cables

According to the lawsuit, OHL Texas, a construction company, is accused of breaking a fiber optic cable that was hanging over the highway where the accident occurred. The cable snapped, falling onto the highway and causing the Jeep to flip over.

Construction companies have a duty to ensure that dangerous conditions near public roadways do not lead to undue harm. By creating or permitting a dangerous condition such as a dangling cable, the construction company could be held liable for this accident.

The man did the right thing. If you ever suffer injuries due to unsafe conditions on public roadways, follow his example and speak to a personal injury attorney.

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