Workers CompensationWhat Are the Four Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits?

 Four Types of Workers' Comp BenefitsWhat exactly are the benefits that workers’ comp grants?

In Texas, there are four major categories of workers comp benefits. Depending on the circumstances of an injury, the recipient could be eligible for any or all of these categories of benefits.

Four Types of Workers Comp Benefits

  1. Medical treatment. These benefits can help cover things like doctor visits, diagnostic studies, physical therapy, surgery or any other necessary treatments you might need. These benefits kick in as soon as you get to the doctor and provide them with insurance claim information. Sometimes, your employer will require you to see a specific doctor or a doctor within a specific network to receive benefits.
  2. Income benefits. If your injury results in the need for time off work, you could be eligible for these benefits. There are four types of income benefits: temporary income benefits, impairment income benefits, supplemental income benefits and lifetime income benefits. In a blog next week, we will do a more thorough breakdown of these benefits.
  3. Burial costs. Naturally, you only get these benefits if you die in a workplace accident during the course and scope of your employment.
  4. Death benefits. As with burial costs, you must be killed during the course and scope of your employment to receive these. These benefits are compensation to your family for lost future income.

If you have suffered injury in a workplace accident, discuss your case with a workers’ compensation attorney.

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