Workers CompensationWrongful DeathFatal Workplace Accidents: What Do I Need to Know?

Sadly, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), thousands of people die each year in workplace accidents in the United States. Photo of construction workers

According to the agency, in 2013, there were 4,405 fatal work injuries reported in the U.S., with 734 involving contractor or construction workers. The following types of accidents caused fatalities:

  • Fires and explosions (3 percent)
  • Transportation incidents (40 percent)
  • Violence and other injuries by persons or animals (17 percent)
  • Contact with objects and equipment (16 percent)
  • Falls, slips, trips (16 percent)
  • Exposure to harmful substances or environments (7 percent)

Unfortunately, as this list shows, due to the type of work that is performed, construction workers are regularly placed at-risk for fatal injuries. Their employers must provide a safe environment and strict policies for preventing injuries.

Collapse Kills One, Injures Three in Argyle

We bring up fatal workplace accidents because on April 2, one person was killed and three others were injured when a building under construction collapsed at Argyle High School. According to CBS News, the accident took place as workers were completing tasks on a new indoor activity center on campus.

The news outlet reported that all of the victims were working on a building being constructed by Northstar Builders Group, which is based in Coppell. Officials are continuing to investigate why the structure fell over.

Do I Need an Attorney After a Fatal Workplace Accident?

As the statistics above indicate, fatal workplace accidents happen far too often. Following a work accident, it may be wise to speak to an attorney, as legal representation can help your family pursue damages.

Aside from damages obtained through a wrongful death lawsuit, you should know that some families qualify for workers’ compensation death benefits based on the projected income a victim would have earned over his or her career.

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