Motorcycle AccidentsFatal Motorcycle Crashes in Austin Signal a Need for Improved Highway Safety

January 17, 2018by Aaron Allison

Fatal motorcycle crashes in Austin are increasingly involving falls from overpasses.Several recent motorcycle accidents in Austin involved motorcyclists who fell to their deaths from US 183 or US 290. Additional motorcyclists have suffered critical injuries after falling from these overpasses. Most recently, a 50-year-old motorcyclist was critically injured after falling 25 feet from the US 183 overpass. In April, a 28-year-old motorcyclist fell 100 feet to her death after being blown off the US 183 overpass by a strong gust of wind. Another motorcyclist died in early 2017 after falling from US 290.

The friend of a motorcyclist who was killed in a fatal flyover accident has urged Texas Department of Transportation officials (TxDOT) to improve the safety of overpass barriers. She is also seeking the help of a state legislator to champion this cause.

According to a study published by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, 7 percent of severe motorcycle crashes occur on ramps and flyovers. The recent deaths and injuries in Austin suggest that more could be done to improve the safety of our highways. Presently, the barriers may be too short to prevent motorcyclists from falling off during accidents. Taller barriers or fences on top of existing concrete barriers may prevent future instances of overpass flyovers.

Austin highways will be undergoing changes in the near future. However, these changes are mainly aimed at improving congestion. Due to the passage of Proposition 7, Austin will receive $415.6 million in funding to improve congestion on several of its highways.

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Austin motorcyclists face multiple other hazards. Drunk drivers, motorists who are texting behind the wheel and reckless drivers also contribute to motorcycle accidents in Austin each year. Even very minor collisions can result in a fatal motorcycle accident.

It is important for injured motorcyclists or surviving family members to receive compensation that could help them recover. Austin personal injury lawyer Aaron Allison could discuss your situation at no cost if you or a loved one were involved in a motorcycle accident.

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