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Could I File a Dog Bite Lawsuit in Texas?

Dogs are often called “man’s best friend” for their loyalty and companionship to humans. However, not all dogs are worthy of this title. Although many dogs are trustworthy, there are cases where they bite or attack others. You may be able to file a lawsuit if you or a loved one are bitten or attacked by a dog. There is…
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How to Handle a Dangerous Dog

Residents of a northwest Austin neighborhood have been on the lookout for a brown and white pit bull named Teddy Bear. In April, Teddy Bear was quarantined for 10 days after biting a 78-year-old man on the arm, leg and hand. Last month, the pit bull attacked another person, causing wounds that led to hospitalization. It is believed that the…
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How to Protect Yourself From Dog Bites

In a previous blog, we talked about a woman who was found mauled to death by aggressive dogs in Northeast Austin and what the dog bite laws are in Texas. Just before this incident, KVUE reported a child who sustained an injury from a dog bite in Ramsey Park. However, the dog owner walked away in the midst of the…
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