A chemical leak at the DuPont chemical plant in La Porte, Texas has led to the deaths of four workers. The fatalities were caused by a valve failure, which led to a leaking of methyl mercaptan. For one family, this event has become a double tragedy, as two of the four who died were brothers.

What Accidents are Common at a Chemical Plant?

Common Chemical Plant Accidents

Despite the risks, special training and safety regulations in place that should prevent most accidents, many types of accidents can occur at a chemical plant. In some cases, a company taking short cuts may increase the odds of an accident. The following are common accidents in the chemical plant industry:

  • Burns
  • Explosions
  • Falling object or cluttered pathways
  • Gas leaks or exposure to toxic chemicals, which can cause serious illness or death
  • Poorly trained workers or lack of safety precautions
  • Unsafe working conditions, such as icy weather or rough winds

These accidents and more can cause minor to severe external and internal injuries. The accidents are likely not the fault of the worker, but rather, the fault of the operators of the chemical plant workers. As such, an injured worker, or the family of a worker that was killed, must be compensated. In many cases, you will have to fight for the necessary compensation you will need for your serious injuries.

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