Personal InjuryVicious pit bull causes injuries to 2 young kids

Dogs are man’s best friend and even children have a strong affinity for the furry friends. Dogs provide endless entertainment and joy for many Austin children but dogs and pets aren’t always perfect. When dogs act up, they might go to the bathroom inside the house, beg for food at the table or even bite people. Unfortunately, when a dog causes injuries to children it can often result in permanent and lifelong emotional trauma, not to mention the physical injury.

Recently an eight and nine-year-old discovered this reality. The two kids were chased by a neighbor’s pit bull until the dog caught up with the children and brutally attacked them causing the younger girl to suffer injuries including the loss of a finger. The older brother is listed in serious condition at the hospital after receiving neck and hand bites. The dog’s owner now faces charges after letting his pit bull run at large.

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