Workplace InjuryTwo Texas Workers Sue Church’s Chicken after Horrific Workplace Injuries

Burn injuries are serious for children.When people think of workplace accidents, usually they think of things like construction accidents, or truck accidents. But you can suffer a work injury doing any job, even fast food. Two fast food workers from Livingston, Texas have filed a lawsuit against Church’s Chicken for work injuries – and these injuries were pretty severe.

The two women were working in the fried chicken restaurant near the deep fryers when the unexpected occurred. The restaurant floor collapsed underneath the women, dropping them into a pit alongside the deep fryers. The resulting spill of hot oil left the women with catastrophic life-threatening burns over 75 percent of their bodies.

After the incident, the two were airlifted to an intensive care unit for burn victims, where they stayed for several months. Both required multiple extensive surgeries to care for their burns and they require constant medical treatment. One attorney called the incident the worst case of workplace injury he had ever seen.

The lawsuit names the owners, operators and managers of Church’s Chicken. It asserts that Church’s is responsible for these horrific injuries because those named in the suit failed to maintain a safe work environment for workers by not properly inspecting and maintaining the restaurant, as well as ignoring a known dangerous condition. The women are seeking $150 million in damages for their pain and suffering, lost work capacity, exorbitant medical bills and more.

It does not matter where you work – all employers are required to provide for the safety of employees. When they fail to do so, the results can be devastating.

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