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A collection of former University of Texas football players suffering from football-related brain injuries has filed a $50 million class action lawsuit against the NCAA. Their claim is that the college football organization has been negligent in regards to protecting college football players over the course of several decades.

Do Athletes Have a Shot for a Class Action Settlement?

The former UT football players do have a chance for their class action settlement. Only a few months ago, a similar head injury case occurred in Chicago. The NCAA settled the case by creating a $70 million fund to help diagnose former college athletes of a variety of sports.

The NCAA also created a governing body that will make decisions regarding head injuries that teams will have to abide by. However, this case did not provide money for any individual players. It will be interesting to see how the lawsuit regarding the UT players will unfold.

Think You Have a Sports-Related Brain Injury?

The effects of TBI are considerable. Depression, chronic headaches, early onset dementia and other life altering issues are the result of many sporting injuries, especially if they are recurring brain injuries, such as concussions. Athletes should seek regular checkups and visit the doctor if they are having any unusual instances of prolonged headaches, ears ringing, difficulty sleeping or trouble remembering things.

Did You Know? Former NFL star Junior Seau was estimated to have 1,500 Grade 1 (seeing stars after a hit) concussions in his career.

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