Head and Brain InjuriesPersonal InjuryMalfunctioning Cable on Boat Ride Caused Woman’s Head and Brain Injury

According to court records, a Houston woman claims she was injured during a boat ride almost two years ago and has pursued legal action. The woman and her husband are suing Teleflex Inc., Boston Whaler Inc. and Marine Max Inc. for the incident in Galveston County District Court.

The lawsuit states that the couple and their daughter were passengers on a 19-foot boat on its way to the Texas City Dike from Port Bolivar when the accident occurred. According to the original petition, during the course of the ride, the boat’s steering cable broke and caused the vessel to make a sharp right turn.

“Unfortunately, the failure of the cable caused the plaintiff…to fall and strike her head on the gunnel on the port side in an attempt to protect her daughter as she held her in her arms,” the petition states.

The lawsuit affirms that Marine Max sold the vessel to Boston Whaler Inc., while the malfunctioning cable was made by Teleflex.

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