Injured Worker in Texas?

Texas Workers Compensation Laws Should Help You

Texas workers compensation laws allow benefits for lost income, medical bills & an impairment rating, but you may need a lawsuit to get everything to which you are entitled.There are roughly 95,000 attorneys in the Lone Star state, but only 40 of them choose to represent injured employees in workers compensation cases. In Texas, there are few places that injured workers can turn to for help and counsel after suffering serious personal injuries on-the-job.

Our law firm was founded in 1978 to protect the rights of injured workers in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and all across the Lone Star state. If your case has a legitimate chance of earning compensation, we will provide professional and aggressive representation on your behalf.

We Help Injured Texas Workers

The Texas approach to workers compensation is unique in the United States. While most states require employers to carry some kind of workers comp insurance, such programs are strictly optional in our state. This can create both problems and opportunities for injured workers.

Under the current Texas workers compensation laws, your benefits are limited to lost income, most medical treatments, and in the worst cases, an impairment rating equal to three weeks’ pay for each percentage point of impairment. For example, if your injury is found to have resulted in a 5 percent impairment, you get 15 weeks of pay in addition to your other claims.

Our Austin workers compensation lawyer can help you avoid and resolve any problems with your injury claim. Numerous problems can arise when filing a claim without legal counsel – your injury might not be correctly diagnosed, or the insurer might argue that your injury is not work-related. In some cases, your benefits might be short of what you are entitled to, or they may be cut off before you are ready to return to work. We will work diligently to make sure that you receive the full amount of compensation that you are entitled to under Texas workers compensation laws.

As a result of the law, Texas provides more opportunities than most states to sue for negligence if your employer does not carry workers compensation insurance. Even if you are limited to workers comp benefits, we can investigate the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit against a third party whose negligence played a role in causing your injuries. This is especially common in motor vehicle accidents and construction injuries. We can usually get both workers comp and personal injury cases if we can pursue a third-party defendant.

Professional and Aggressive Representation You Can Trust

To schedule a free consultation, contact our Austin workers comp attorney today. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we collect no attorney fees unless you receive compensation.