Daycare Accident?

Take Action with an Austin Daycare Injury Lawyer

Take immediate action with an Austin daycare injury lawyer.Most mothers and fathers screen potential caregivers or daycare facilities to make sure their children will be safe. Thus, it comes as a shock when a child suffers serious injuries in a daycare environment. When a caregiver is found to have been overtly negligent, parents find it hard to believe — and normally feel a deep-seated need to find out why and how the injury took place.

We are a small, specialized law firm. Our Austin daycare injury lawyer is a parent and is ready to help you and your family find justice and answers. Since 1978, our personal injury law firm has provided professional and aggressive legal counsel to Austin residents harmed by negligence. We only take cases if they have a legitimate chance of receiving compensation for our clients.

We Represent Injured Children

Daycare programs operate in a variety of contexts, including:

  • Home and family daycare settings
  • Church, synagogue, mosque or temple daycare programs
  • Privately owned care facilities
  • Corporate in-house child care
  • After-school programs in schools or community centers

Parents reasonably expect a certain amount of responsibility and diligence by the employees of these establishments. However, poor hiring practices, dangerous property and sheer negligence can result in a child suffering unimaginable physical and emotional harm. Daycare injuries may happen because of:

It is critical to find out in detail how and why the accident happened. In addition to helping the injured child recover compensation for their medical expenses, reconstructing the accident can help prevent harm to other children in the future. It can also provide the evidence needed to file an injury claim or lawsuit against a negligent caregiver, property owner and/or product manufacturer.

It is heartbreaking and frustrating for our clients, usually parents, to learn of child injuries at daycare in Austin or anywhere else in the Lone Star state. However, after a child injury, the most urgent priority is to get them the top-notch medical care and therapy they need. Depending on the severity of the injury, he or she may face lifelong disabilities and special needs. Our firm is skilled at discovering how a personal injury occurred and then using evidence gathered to build strong cases for full compensation.

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