Toddler or Baby Accidents

Our Austin Injury Lawyer Seeks Justice for Families

Because we're parents, too, we fight that much harder after baby accidents, no matter the cause.Family is very important to us. Each of our attorneys has children of their own, and we run the firm as a family: Personal injury attorney Aaron Allison continues the work begun by his father when he founded the firm in 1978.

Our firm understands how painful it is when your small child sustains a critical injury, especially when someone else’s negligence is to blame. If you want to find out if you have a chance at recovering damages, talk to us. Our Austin injury attorney offers free consultations to explain your options.

Common Baby and Toddler Injuries

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies some of the most common accidental injuries affecting babies and toddlers as follows:

Our Austin Personal Injury Lawyer Pursues Compensation after Toddler or Baby Accidents

If your child aged four and under was seriously injured, you naturally want to find out why and how. Then, you want to know how you can help him or her recover or adapt as fully as possible. A baby or toddler who suffers a catastrophic injury will have a vastly different future than other children. Parents normally do everything they can to lovingly raise a small child with special needs, regardless of injury or illness. However, care needs may increase over time as a seriously injured child grows, rather than decreasing. For example, therapy, disability accommodations and special education or tutoring are overwhelmingly expensive for many families.

You might consider reporting your child’s injury to an insurance company and expect to be properly compensated. However, insurance claims adjusters do not have your best interests at heart. They work hard to limit the pay out of benefits to people who have been injured. As they strive to protect their financial assets, our Austin personal injury law firm fights on behalf of injured babies and toddlers and their families. We aggressively pursue fair compensation when we handle cases of accidents involving babies and injuries to toddlers in Austin or elsewhere.

Suffering a personal injury or losing a child to a fatal accident is one of the most difficult challenges people can face. Our lawyer is adept at determining liability and building strong cases for compensation from responsible parties. To schedule a free initial consultation with a personal injury attorney in Austin, call (512) 474-8346 or contact us online.