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Photo of a motorcycle accidentCars and trucks give drivers the luxury of a steel enclosure. Motorcyclists do not have that benefit. Without the protection of steel frames, seat belts or airbags, motorcycle riders are vulnerable to serious injuries when accidents occur. Our law firm protects the rights of injured bikers throughout Texas. Contact our experienced Austin motorcycle accident lawyer today for a free case evaluation. Call (512) 474-8346 or submit a confidential case review online.

Don’t Automatically Blame the Motorcyclist in Texas

At The Law Offices of Aaron Allison, our Austin personal injury lawyer understands the challenges facing motorcycle accident victims, especially if the case goes to a jury. Some jury members will be car drivers, and they simply do not understand the dynamics of motorcycles. They may assume that the motorcycle rider engaged in reckless behavior that caused the accident. Insurance companies may say that a motorcycle rider who rides without a helmet is to blame for his or her injuries, even though you can legally ride a motorcycle in Texas without a helmet under certain conditions.

To overcome these preconceived notions, our attorney will investigate and reconstruct the accident scene to determine where fault truly lies. Our law firm only takes legitimate cases that have a high probability of holding up to scrutiny and securing compensation for the victim.

Motorcycle Injuries in Austin

You can take every precaution. You can adhere to every law. You can maintain a high standard of safe motorcycle operation. Yet, if a motorist fails to see you, an accident can happen in a split second.

Motorcycle accident litigation is complex, especially when severe brain injuries occur or when the rider is killed. At The Law Offices of Aaron Allison, we seek full and fair compensation for injuries and wrongful death.

Rest assured that your motorcycle accident claim will be handled on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay no legal fees unless we recover for you. You focus on attending to your medical needs. We will focus on your legal rights and fight to recover compensation for you.

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